Romance Writers Weekly ~ A Digital Christmas Card For You ~ #LoveChatWrite



 This week the authors of the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop are offering you our holiday greetings!  Here's mine, courtesy of the inimitable Jacqueline Lawson. Just click on the link beneath the picture to view it! 

Next, hop on over to Jenna Da Sie's page to view her Christmas card.

I'm feeling nostalgic this holiday season, and nothing expresses nostalgia better than steampunk!  So here's my Christmas gift to you! The Winterlude Steampunk Christmas Collection includes a prequel and sequel to her story This Winter Heart and a sneak peek at what’s next for the Winter Clan!


Download it for free—only during the holiday season!


And if you haven't read This Winter Heart yet, what are you waiting for?

Santa Fe, The Republic of New Texacali, 1870

Eight years ago, Ophelia Leonides's husband cast her off when he discovered she was not the woman he thought she was. Now destitute after the death of her father, Ophelia is forced to turn to Dario for help raising the child she never told him about. 

Dario is furious that Ophelia has returned, and refuses to believe Arthur is his son—after all, he thought his wife was barren. But to avoid gossip, he agrees to let them spend the holidays at his villa. While he cannot resist the desire he still feels for Ophelia, Dario despises himself for being hopelessly in love with a woman who can never love him back. 

But Dario is wrong: Ophelia's emotions are all too human, and she was brokenhearted when he rejected her. Unsure if she can trust the man she desperately loves, she fears for her life, her freedom and her son if anyone else learns of her true nature...


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