Ginger Lemongrass Bubble Tea Cocktail

Ginger-Lemongrass Bubble Tea Cocktail
as introduced by Gabby Browne:

"I absolutely adore bubble tea. I like the flavor, I like the texture, I like the sheer fun of it—seriously, slurping slippery tapioca pearls through a big, colorful straw always makes me feel like a kid again. Most of all, of course, I love how crazy it makes Derek. Yes, even now that we’re married and expecting a kid of our own.

I also love Bali, which is where we got engaged. This cocktail combines the best of both those things—all the flavor of Bali, all the fun of bubble tea. It can be enjoyed either as a mocktail (just skip the vodka, and infuse the tea with lemongrass, cardamom and ginger) or a kick-ass cocktail."


1 quart vodka
6 stalks of lemongrass
1 handful of cardamom pods
¼ cup fresh sliced ginger root
1 TBS sugar
¼ cup Tapioca Pearls
4 cups chilled green tea
½ cup honey
Orange slices for garnish (optional)

To infuse the Vodka

In a clean, quart-sized mason jar combine 4 stalks lemongrass, cardamom pods and ginger.
Fill jar with vodka and cover tightly.
Let vodka infuse for seven days at room temperature (shake jar once a day)
Strain solid ingredients out of vodka.
Pour into clean container and store in refrigerator.

To make the Tapioca Pearls

In a small saucepan, bring 4 cups water to a boil.
Add sugar and stir until it dissolves.
Add tapioca pearls. Cook for about 40 minutes.
Drain, then refrigerate until chilled.

To make the tea

Brew 4 cups of green tea
Stir in honey while hot and allow tea to steep
Store in refrigerator to chill

To assemble the drinks

Combine sweet green tea and 4 oz of vodka
Pour into 2 tall glasses.
Spoon tapioca pearls into each glass.
Garnish each glass with a stalk of lemongrass and an orange slice.

One girl, two guys and a quest for ultimate satisfaction.

Aspiring actress Gabby Browne refuses to consider her best friend, and personal trainer, Derek Novello for the role of soul mate fearing sex will ruin their beautiful friendship. When she meets Zach, she's convinced that he could be The One. Too bad Derek isn't willing to share-leaving Gabby forced to choose between two sexy co-stars.

An early morning earthquake provides Gabby with the impetus she needs to stop waiting for the stars to align and finally cast her leading man.

In Waiting For The Big One, Gabby and Derek went from being friends to being lovers. Now, they're waiting for their "big day". But will it be the wedding of their dreams? Or a bride's worst nightmare?

A quick trip to Gabby's hometown turns into the wedding from hell when Gabby and Derek are plagued by hailstorms, lost reservations, voracious goats, angry bees and enough family drama to fill a barn. Guess it's true what they say, "The course of true love never did run smooth." But can the happy couple hold it all together, or will their Big Day turn into a Big Mess?

***A slightly different version of this book was previously released as part of the Sapphire Falls Kindle World program.***

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