Now Appearing...or disappearing at Fictionwise!

I'll admit it. There's a big love/hate element to my relationship with Fictionwise. On the one hand, it's gotten my books into the hands of a lot of readers. On the other...they don't work cheap. I guess it's the rating thing that tips the scales in their favor, in my mind. I never really cared all that much for blue until the 2004 election...oh, no, wait, I mean until FICTIONWISE came along.

Damn, nearly got all political there. And you know I'm saving
that for tomorrow night's Berkeley City Council meeting.

But, back to my original point. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to find today out that ALL TWELVE of my books (including the entire Oberon series) are available for purchase at Fictionwise. I'd have been a lot closer to ecstatic if it weren't for the fact that, in order to find them right now, you sort of have to stumble upon them by accident because if you search under
PG Forte you'll only see two or three books listed, if you search under P. G. Forte you'll get eleven. If you search under titles...well, sometimes you'll get this message:

"There appears to be a system problem at this time. The page you're looking for does not appear to exist. Please contact customer support."

Especially when it comes to Let Me Count the Ways which, quite magically, is neither new nor old, there or not there, authored by me...or not extant at all, apparently.

But, not to worry. IF you wish to purchase any of the books at Fictionwise (at--I'll admit it, considerable savings to you, especially right now when they're all showing up at 20% off) here's a list of URLs

So go, buy, enjoy, rate...think BLUE. lol! And, if you're in the mood to see what's been occupying my time this past week (and just when I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave town for a week of R&R--that would be research and retail therapy--in the wilds of New Mexico, too) check out these new lenses I made on Squidoo...


And now the books:

Waiting for the Big One

Love From A to Z

Let Me Count the Ways

Scent of the Roses

A Sight to Dream Of

Sound of a Voice That is Still

A Taste of Honey

Touch of a Vanished Hand

The Spirit of the Place

Visions Before Midnight

Dream Under the Hill

And Shadows Have Their Ending

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