Light Up the Night!

 How perfect is this? It's New Year's Eve and I'm releasing a story titled Light Up the Night? Anyway, I'm super excited to have this book out in the world! You can get it right now as part of the Shadows and Chaos anthology, check it out!!

Shadows and Chaos



Her love will light up his night. If they can both survive that long. 

Heather is having the worst Christmas ever! Or, at least, the worst Christmas since she was forced to become a vampire. Her sire's distracted, her nestmates have forgotten her, weirdos have taken over the lair. The only bright spot in her life right now is Drew--who didn't even used to like her! She knows he's coming around, but that's not good enough. She wants more. She wants everything. She wants him. And she's not giving up. 

Drew Geiger gave up on love a long time ago. Such tender emotions have no place in a vampire's heart. But, somehow, the girl he once described as a "feral kitten" has got her claws in him, and she's not letting go. That would be fine, if only someone didn't want her dead--and if her sire didn't recall that it was Drew who once suggested that maybe she'd be better off that way.

And here's an excerpt for you!

“What’s your pleasure, my girl?” Drew asked, flashing a smile at the young woman who was seated at his bar. It was a foolish question. Pointless, really, since he knew her answer would never be the one he longed to hear—you. And that she was not now, nor ever would be, his. 

 “Nothing, thanks,” Heather answered, before adding a hesitant, “If that’s okay? I just thought I’d sit here for a while.” 

“ course,” Drew replied automatically. “You're free to do whatever you want here. Mi casa es su casa.” The smile Heather flashed him in return caused his heart to clench, and his conscience to pain him because, merciful heavens, he was spouting nothing but lies tonight! 

She was certainly not free to do as she wished, no more than he was. Vampires weren’t, in general, and neither of them were exceptions to that rule. Nor was this a house, for that matter. It was a bar, a nightclub if he were feeling sufficiently grandiose, a place where those of their kind might congregate safely, where they could feed in comfort, dance and entertain themselves, and harmlessly while away yet another endless night. And even though Drew had been given free rein in the managing of it, ultimately Akeldama was not his at all. It belonged to his sire, Conrad Quintano, at whose pleasure Drew served. 

Luckily, since Conrad was neither especially capricious nor unusually cruel, Drew felt reasonably secure in his position. Still, the fact remained: he could be replaced at any time, and on nothing more than a whim. 

“Not hungry tonight?” he asked, for no particular reason—except that it was the kind of thing a friend might do, the type of question a bartender might ask. And, like it or not, those two things were all he could ever be to her. 

She shook her head. “Not really. I grabbed a bite earlier, on my way here.” 

“Hmph.” While Drew generally refrained from eating while on duty, Heather was not similarly constrained. She was young, beautiful, vibrant. She should be out on the dance floor enjoying herself or enticing some lucky human into one of the curtained alcoves for a quick snack. She should not be sitting here, alone at the bar, wasting her time talking to him, of all people. For that matter, if dancing or feeding—or even just a place to sit, and someone to talk to—was all she was after, she could just as well have stayed home. 

 The warehouse where Heather lived with the rest of her clan also doubled as a vampire nightclub, albeit a part-time, and largely illegal one. And yet it hadn’t escaped Drew’s attention that over the past few weeks Heather had been hanging out in here more and more often. “So, what’s going on with you these days?” he asked, as he busied himself behind the bar, putting together a drink he hoped she might like. “You’ve been in here a lot lately. No parties at home?” 

 Heather heaved a gusty sigh. “Other way around. There’s been nothing but parties. Every damn night. It’s too noisy, too crowded; and that’s all down to these new ferals Marc dragged home with him last month. They’re constantly underfoot, always bugging me about something or other. They’re just…ugh! They make me nuts.” 

Drew had to set his jaw to keep his fangs from emerging. “Are you saying someone’s been bothering you? Does Marc know?” Marc was Heather’s sire, and Drew’s friend. It wasn’t Drew’s place to interfere, but all the same, “You have to tell him. If someone’s trying to take advantage of you, he needs to know about it.” 

“What? Oh! No.” Heather shook her head. “No, it’s nothing like that. They’re not doing anything wrong, exactly. They’re just there. You know? Like, all the time. And there are so many of them. And I’m just... God, I’m so over it.” 

Drew suspected the opposite was true, that what was really bothering her was something she wasn’t over—her girlish, and entirely understandable crush on her sire. But one thing she’d said—or, more specifically, one word she’d used—still struck him as being odd. Feral. Feral was one of the words their kind used to describe an orphaned vampire, someone who’d lost their sire and had no one to care for them. It was a pejorative, as ferals were generally viewed as being unbalanced, irredeemable, a threat to society. Not so long ago, Heather herself had been deemed feral. 

“But, surely, they’re not feral any longer, are they? I mean, now that Marc’s adopted them?” 

Heather shot him a dark, inscrutable look. “Is that how it works, now? I thought it was still, once a feral, always a feral. Isn’t that what everyone thinks? That there’s something fundamentally wrong with us, something that can never be made right? That we’d all be better off dead?” 

Drew nodded gravely, acknowledging the truth of what she'd said, even while he went back to constructing her drink. “That’s certainly what everyone used to think up until very recently. And I suppose there are those who still do. But the world is changing. So, I’m sure that won’t always be the case.” 

“Change isn’t necessarily a good thing,” Heather muttered quietly. 

“Very true. But in this case, I believe it is. After all, I used to be one of those people, myself. But now I know better. And, frankly, I would have thought you did too.” 

 Inexplicably, that brought a smile to her lips. “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry. I know I’m being bitchy. They’re just so damn thirsty—you know? For food and attention. They take up alllll Marc’s time, and... I know it’s silly, but I guess I feel left out.” 

“It’s not silly at all, actually. As a vampire, you’re still very young. You’re still finding your feet. It’s natural for you to crave your sire’s attention—in fact, you really can’t help doing so.” 

Heather shrugged. “I guess. And I mean, I’m still Marc’s only legit spawn, you know? I feel like that should count for something. But instead, I feel like roadkill, sometimes.” 

“Roadkill?” Drew repeated skeptically. 

 “You know, something that’s been run over and left behind.” 

Drew shot her a look, but rather than commenting he slid a glass across the bar to her. “Here. Try this. See what you think.” 

“What is it?” 

“Taste it and see.” 

Heather’s eyes narrowed. Sizing me up, Drew thought. Trying to decide whether to trust me. And while, in theory, he approved of her being cautious—caution and luck were the only reasons some vampires continued to stay alive—in practice he was disappointed. “It’s not a trick—you have my word. I’m not trying to drug you, or poison you, or whatever else you might be wondering.” Which is exactly what someone would say if they did mean her harm

“That’s not what I was wondering!” 

“You’re safe here. Always.” 

“I know.” 

“Good. Then drink up.” 

“Why won’t you tell me what it is?” 

“Because I’m not sure if I made it correctly. And I don’t want to influence your opinion.” 

Heather rolled her eyes. Drew held his breath as she lifted the glass to her lips and took a small sip. Her eyes flew wide. “No way.” 

His heart plunged. “Not right?” 

“Drew…you made me an egg cream?” 

“I think so? Is that what it tastes like? Is it all right?” 

“Well, yeah!” She took another, longer sip, then asked. “Do you even know how long it’s been since I’ve had one of these?” 

“Not that long, I’d imagine.” 

 “Ha! That shows how much you know. It’s been ages!” 

“That would be impossible.” If Heather had hit her very first quarter-century mark, Drew would be amazed. He, on the other hand, was currently feeling every one of his three hundred and fifty-four years. “So, it’s really all right?” 

“It’s perfect.” She sipped again and sighed happily. Then her expression shifted back to wary. “Hey, wait a minute. This isn’t some sneaky way of saying you think I’m acting like a kid, is it?” Drew shook his head. 

“No, it’s my sneaky way of saying life is always going to change. And not always for the better. So, it’s important to take as much pleasure as you can from the ordinary things in life.” 

“Like egg creams?” 

 He returned her smile. “Exactly.” Then he turned serious. “Look, to be honest, I suspect most have us have been through something not so different from what you’re experiencing. One day we’re loved, cherished, the object of someone’s deepest desires, the next—our world is upended, and we find ourselves lost, unloved, unwanted. And that’s if we’re lucky.” 

Heather ducked her head. “I know.” Her downcast expression tore at his heart. 

“But remember what I told you,” he said as he reached across the bar to squeeze her hand. “You always have a place here. If you need someone to talk to, or if you just want to sit here and not talk, or…whatever you need. Anything. You need only ask.” 

Heather studied their joined hands for a moment. When she lifted her gaze to his face, he saw she was smiling faintly. “Thanks, Drew.” 

Drew gave her hand a final squeeze then let her go. “You’re most welcome. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s getting late. I have to see about closing up.” 

“Oh!” She glanced at the clock over the bar. “Shit. I’m sorry. I should go. I didn’t realize it was so late.” “No, you’re fine,” he said, putting out a hand to stop her. “Please stay. Relax. Finish your drink. In fact, give me just a few minutes, and I’ll walk you home. All right?” “Okay, sure.”


Looking for a few good reviews...


 I have review copies available for both I'll Be Home for Christmas (currently available as part of the Holiday Kisses collection)  and Light Up the Night (releasing later this month in the Shadows and Chaos anthology). 

Descriptions below. Hit me up if you want one via the contact form on my website! PGForte.com

I'll Be Home For Christmas 
 An Oberon Christmas Story 

All Scout wants this holiday season is to get home in time for Christmas. But when your home is in quirky little Oberon, California, nothing is ever that simple. 

 It’s the night before Christmas and Scout Patterson is flying home to Oberon after a business trip to LA when a chance, mid-air meeting with an angel has her dreaming of a weird Christmas—one in which she sees what the town would have been like if she had never returned.

Light Up The Night 
A Children of Night Ugly Christmas Sweater Story 

Her love will light up his night. If they both can survive that long

 Heather is having the worst Christmas ever! Or, at least, the worst Christmas since she was forced to become a vampire. Her sire's distracted, her nest-mates have forgotten her existence, and a bunch of weirdos have taken over her lair. The only bright spot in her life right now is Drew--who didn't even used to like her! She knows he's coming around, but that's not good enough. She wants more. She wants everything. She wants him. And she's not giving up. 

 Drew Geiger gave up on love a long time ago. Such tender emotions have no place in a vampire's heart. But, somehow, the girl he once described as a "feral kitten" has got her claws in him, and she's not letting go. That would be fine, if only someone didn't want her dead--and if her sire didn't still inconveniently remember that it was Drew who'd once suggested that maybe she'd be better off that way. ​

 ***This story features characters from PG Forte's Children of Night series, characters from Kinsey Holley's Hidden Fae series, and a few from Erin Nicholas' Sapphire Falls series. It follows Going Back to Find You and Going for Brook, both previously released as part of the Sapphire Falls Kindle World***


New Release! Holiday Kisses!

A Sweet, Hot, and Christmassy Anthology

Experience the magic of romance this Christmas. Holiday Kisses is a festive collection of eight exclusive Christmas stories that will make you fall head over heels in love. Are you ready to take a journey with us? Get into the Christmas spirit with these swoon-worthy romances this holiday season.

➜ Buy Link: https://books2read.com/u/47Owyq
➜ Add to your TBR: https://bit.ly/38r8iuw

Holiday Kisses released today! The antho includes my short story, I'll Be Home for Christmas. This is a straight-up Christmas story. And, much like the movie whose plot it borrows (It's a Wonderful  Life) and my own personal favorite Christmas Film, 1947's The Bishop's Wife, while there are romantic elements--and a HEA--it's really not a romance. In part this was because there's only so much you can do with 15K. It really didn't allow for a romance sub-plot. I might revise it for next year and make it longer, add more scenes, catch up with a few more Oberon characters in their alternate reality, but overall I'm pretty happy with the story as-is...well, other than the typos which STILL found their way into the finished version despite multiple sets of eyes on the MS and TWO rounds of edits. Besides, I also have another Oberon Christmas story idea on the calendar for 2022, and a FUN new cover (see below). 

Meanwhile, here's an excerpt from I'll Be Home for Christmas:

Where are you? Standing inside the terminal, suitcases at my feet, I scan the crowd for a glimpse of my husband. I’m starting to worry. I’d expected to see him when I cleared the gate. Or at least by the time I’d collected my bags. But even after an unprecedented, twenty-minute wait for my luggage, Nick still isn’t here. I’ve called home, called his cell; I’ve tried texting—nada. Even his voicemail isn’t picking up. 

 He could have gotten stuck at work. When you’re a cop, disruptions are a way of life. But it’s not like him not to have called or left a message. Unless he did, and it hasn’t downloaded? It’s not impossible. There’s something about the area surrounding Oberon that plays havoc with cell signals—which is why so many of us still rely on landlines. The locals will tell you it’s the magic, but I’m sure there’s a more prosaic explanation. But, anyway, belatedly realizing that that’s probably what’s happened, I decide to go outside, where the signal is (hopefully) stronger, and check again. But as I’m reaching for my carry-on, the bag is snatched from my hand. 

“Hey!” Glancing up, I find myself face to face with Edge. 

“What’s taking so long?” he scolds as he slips the bag’s strap over his shoulder. Then he grabs the rest of my things, as well. “I got you a car. Let’s go.” 


“We’re out here,” he says as he heads for the door. 

 “There is no ‘we,’” I mutter, hurrying after him. 

“Look, I appreciate the thought, but I don’t need a car. I have a ride coming.” 

He glances at me over his shoulder. “You’re waiting for Nick?” 

 “Not that it’s any of your business, but yes.” 

 “I figured. That’s off the table now.” 

“What is?” 

 “Nick. He’s not coming.” 

 “Why not?” I ask, almost tripping in my haste. “What do you know?” 

Edge waits until we’re outside before he answers. “I realize there’s a lot here for you to process. And it’s gonna take time to adjust—no question. But it’s all part of your Christmas gift.” 

“Gift?” Ideas dance in my head like sugarplums. “What gift?” Could Nick have bought me a new car and sent this joker here to deliver it? No. Impossible. Nick would never expect me to get into a car with a stranger; in fact, he’d be furious with me, right now, for even following Edge outside. “I’m not taking another step,” I say as I glance around, hoping to catch sight of a security guard—or anyone who could come to my aid. “Not without an explanation. What gift are you talking about?” 

“My gift to you. A new life.” 

 “A new…what? Look, you’re clearly playing me, so—” 

Edge looks perplexed. “Why would I do that?” 

“How the hell should I know?” 

“Whoa,” he says with a flinch. “Could you not use the H-word?” 

 “I’ll say worse than that if you don’t give me back my bags right the fuck now.” 

“Already done,” he replies, tossing them into the back of a shiny, red Mustang convertible that has me doing a double-take. “See? You’re all set.” 

“I…don’t understand.” I’m looking at the twin of the car I was driving when I first returned to Oberon, feeling a sense of unease so strong it borders on nausea. Even by Oberon standards, this is one hell of a freakish coincidence. 

 “Remember how you said that the fear of losing everything was always there, hanging over your head, that you couldn’t be happy because of it?” 

 “That’s not exactly—" 

 “And how no one would have even noticed if you’d never come back? That everyone’s lives would’ve gone on just the same—with or without you?” 

“I did not say that.” It’s true, of course, but… 

 “But you thought it, right? And, while I don’t happen to agree, I figure it’s your life, your choice. So, I gave you what you’ve been wishing for: a do-over, a clean slate, a fresh start. You’re free to build a new life now, one that will make you happy, one you can believe in. Okay?” 

 I open my mouth, then shut it again when I can’t think of anything to say. 

“Right. So”—Edge digs a set of keys from his pocket and presses them into my hand—“here you go. Merry Christmas.” I

 frown at the familiar keychain. Even that’s identical to the one I’d used five years ago. When I glance up again, Edge is already on his way back inside. “Wait! Where are you going? I can’t take your car.” 

“Sure, you can,” he replies as the doors slide shut behind him. “And it’s not mine—it’s yours.” 

 I start after him, stopping only when I realize I’d be leaving my bags unattended. Before I can figure out what to do, the security guard I’d been praying for a moment earlier suddenly materializes at my side. 

“Move along,” he snaps impatiently, giving me no opportunity to explain. “Nope, don’t want to hear it. Just get in your car and go. If this were any other time of the year, I’d already be writing out a summons.” 

If it were any other time of the year, this probably wouldn’t be happening, but there’s no use arguing. I might as well go home, I decide, as I pull away from the curb. I can call Larry from there. Surely, he can tell me how to contact Edge and return his car.

* * * 

And coming next December (maybe): Oberon's magic strikes again. This time, Lucy's stuck in a time loop where she experiences Christmas every day. The. Exact. Same. Christmas.  And it will just keep repeating until she gets it right. It's like Groundhog Day, only in December. 

One of these days, she's really going to learn to stop wishing for the chance to do it all over again.