More Fun, Even With Summer on the Wane...

I'll be chatting this morning...or noon, if you happen to be on the East Coast, at Long and Short Reviews: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LongAndShortRomanceReviews/ Come and join me while I talk about my Oberon series. Comment  for a chance to win some great prizes--books or your choice of a nook, Kindle or $150. gift card.


Paranormal Week...er, Week and a Half Comes to PME

Yes, it's Paranormal Week at the Perfect Man Event! My favorite week of all. Anyone wondering why that is? No, I didn't think so. And because paranormal is so very extra special, our week is extra specially long.

Here's the calendar. And don't forget to stop by often to meet those hot, hot men and maybe score some awesome prizes as well.

And, once again: check it out HERE and HERE!



Who's YOUR Perfect Man?

Ack!! I should have posted this LAST week! Mea Culpa, ladies. Or, as Damian might say...I' ¡m tan muy apesadumbrado, me perdona por favor! Or something like that (I don't speak Spanish, myself).

Check it out HERE and HERE! And don't forget to stop by often, because there's a new post up every day with fun stuff to read, hot men to drool over, yummy pictures (I don't know where they find these things!) and lots of prizes!

And, once again: check it out HERE and HERE!