Redecorating for the New Year

 So you may have noticed that my blog has a new header. That's because I suffer from Shiny New Thing (SNT) Syndrome and always need to change things up. I'm probably going to leave my website alone, for now. And I'm happy with the look of things here, but my newsletter...well, that's getting an overhaul, for sure. 

BUT...what kind of overhaul? And how much will I be changing? Those are the questions! 

I currently have three looks--and three different names--in mind. 

Choice #1 is to leave the name as is--the Oberon inspired, Notes from The Crone's Nest. The type and color palette will stay pretty similar (and a lot like my Oberon blog). 

It's very craftsman-esque and probably makes sense given that I'll be re-releasing the Oberon series in the new year.

Choice #2  is to go with the completely obvious PG Forte's Newsletter. That one will basically match my website--which also makes a lot of sense.

Choice #3 is to match this blog and call the newsletter Rhymes with Foreplay. Which--you guessed it--makes tons of sense to me, as well.  

I really am stumped. So, if you'd like to weigh in on the matter, I've set up a survey form. You can check that out here:

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