Easter Egg Blog Hop (stop #3)

Welcome to stop #3 on the Easter Egg Blog Hop! You should be coming here from  Olivia Brynn's site. If, on the other hand, you've just stumbled across this post by accident,  head over to Christa Paige's blog to get in on the fun. We've put together a lot of eye candy for your viewing pleasure, along with the chance to win a basket full of ebooks. 

After you check out my post, please head over to my website, to find the egg I've "hidden" there. 

Hint  #1: I'm featuring information about my book, Dream Under the Hill, which is one of the books you could win this weekend.

Just click on the egg when you find it and it will take you to the next stop on the bunny trail. The entry form to win the Easter Basket of goodies is located at the end of the tour.

The hop will be running  all weekend, so if you have to take a break and cool down  from all of these hotties, just bookmark the page where you've stopped, and return to the tour at your convenience. 

Winners will be chosen Easter Sunday 4/4/10 at 7pm EST, and announced at the Liquid Silver Books forum . Happy hunting, and good luck! 

Now, on to the eye candy:

I guess it's no secret I like themes. For this weekend's theme I picked hot guys and bunnies. It was harder than you might think.

This guy was beautiful, but a tad overdressed...

This guy...wow. I know size isn't supposed to matter, but that's one BIG bunny...

Nice arms, though. I do like arms...have I mentioned that?  Oh, yeah.

Anyway, this guy took the whole 'bunny-boy' theme a little too far, IMO.

I even found a video on YouTube that I thought might work. It's a homage to the character Roman "Bunny" Wild on the German soap Alles was zählt. It might be stretching the bunny motif a little, but hey, eye candy is eye candy--right?

But I finally gave up on the bunnies and decided to just go with the hot guy:

I think I made the right choice, what about you?

Remember to check out my website (Hint #2: you might have to do a little scrolling) to pick up the trail...