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This week on the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop, Andie Fenichel (whose blog you should be coming from) has asked us to, "Share 5 facts about your latest book or book in progress."

My current Work in Progress is Funnel of Love, which is the sequel to The Name Game, so these are going to be facts about both those books:

1. I've been planning these stories for several years, ever since I began working on Never Have I Ever. I knew even then that I was going to have to redeem Kristy's brothers's reputations. And the only way to do that, of course, was to give them their own books.

2. The DiLuca brothers' names both have special significance to me. Tino was my godfather's name (very Italian). While Tino can be a name on its own, it can also be a diminutive of many other names--Santino, Martino, Valentino. BUT in this case, both Tino and his sister Kristy were named after their mother, Cristina. Rocky, of course, was named after his father.

3. Speaking of Rocco, the Feast of St. Rocco was a big festival in my home town while I was growing up. It's also where I went on one of my very first dates with my husband. The festival food I most looked forward to eating there was zeppole, which are Italian doughnuts and not all that dissimilar to funnel cakes.*

4. The brunch scene took FOREVER to write, for some reason. Some reason that I'm sure had absolutely nothing to do with the numbers of brunches I attended, or brunch drinks I imbibed, during the writing of said scene. All for the sake of research, of course. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

5. After years of writing mostly vampires, I was thrilled to be writing books that revolved largely around food again. Maybe a little too thrilled. Yes, the characters in my Sandwich Shop book make and eat sandwiches, but they also spend a lot of time eating pizza and cooking breakfast. And the characters in my Cupcake Shop book sample brunch dishes, eat pizza (again), visit a farmers' market, and spend a lot of time making cookies and wedding cakes--on top of the cupcakes. I have a book in the works that's set in a coffee shop--and that feature's the DiLucas' cousin, Giada. God only knows what those characters will end up eating. But New Jersey is the home of the foodie, so it's only to be expected, I suppose.

* Bonus fun fact! The Tunnel of Love was always my favorite boardwalk ride. So, really, this entire book is a love letter to my Jersey Girl childhood.

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