Romance Writers Weekly ~ What's Your Favorite Game? ~ #LoveChatWrite

This is my first time joining the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. This week's question is: "What is your favorite game? Is it because you usually win or because it challenges you every time?"

When I first read this I thought, "hmm. I don't really play games." But then I remembered that I am somewhat addicted to online Mah Jong. That and Word Wipe are my go-tos when I'm stuck in a plot or have just finished writing an intense scene--or, really, any time that I  need a mental break. 

My daughter's the one who introduced me to it, and she regrets it to this day because it's also a key component in my procrastination tool box. 

I don't play to win, and while I have gotten better at it, I don't really do it for the challenge, either. I play because, on one hand, it's something I don't have to think too hard about; and on the other, I know I  won't get too involved with, or too distracted by. It's sort of like taking a shower, washing dishes, cooking, knitting, or anything else I might do while wrestling with a recalcitrant storyline--with the upside that I'm already sitting in front of my computer, so when the solution to the problem that's had me blocked suddenly presents itself, I  don't lose any time writing it down.

For more fun and games, hop over to author Leslie Hachtel's page.

Stay with Me

by Leslie Hachtel

Two women. Years apart. Linked by common experience and a cottage that has survived since the Civil War. When Rebecca reaches out from the past, Evelyn finds it life changing. And in their own times, each must discover strength and fight to find and keep true love. 

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And, speaking of games...

The Name Game 
A Games We Play Story 

He knows what to do to save her business. She knows what he needs to fix his life! 

 Atlas Beach is experiencing a retail renaissance—and Carly Meyer is determined to be part of it. But she and her sandwich shop, The Lunch Box, are struggling to stay afloat. 

 Luckily, help is on the way thanks to the Chamber of Commerce’s innovative mentoring program—partnering successful Atlas Beach business owners with some of the newer start-ups. Too bad the mentor assigned to her is the delectable—and highly annoying—Tino DiLuca.

 Tino knows exactly what’s been hurting Carly’s business and—exactly how to fix it. But his number one solution, changing the name of her signature sandwich, is the one thing she’s not prepared to do.

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More about the series HERE and HERE


Brynn Paulin said...

I'm a little addicted to Mah Jong!

PG Forte said...

Right? It's mesmerizing.