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This week on Romance Writers Weekly we're attempting to answer the question (which was posed by Leslie Hachtel): "If you could choose one superpower, other than being a writer, which one would it be and why?"

And, you know what?  I just don't know. Every super power that sounds great on the surface has a pretty significant downside to it. I didn't need Encanto to tell me that!

All in all, I think I'm going to have to go with remote viewing...which is actually something you can learn to do IRL. And I haven't yet. Interesting. Maybe I should actually get on that, huh? 

I'm thinking the characters in my novella, Let Me Count the Ways (currently available as part of the A Season for Love anthology) would have benefitted from remote viewing. It would have allowed them to resolve their issues a whole lot faster. lol!

A Season for Love 
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Now hop on over  to author Leslie Hachtel's page and find out what her superpower would be.

Stay with Me

by Leslie Hachtel

Two women. Years apart. Linked by common experience and a cottage that has survived since the Civil War. When Rebecca reaches out from the past, Evelyn finds it life changing. And in their own times, each must discover strength and fight to find and keep true love. 

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