Only Four More Days!

Hey everyone.  Only a few more days until Midnight Ink is released! Meanwhile, author Erin Nicholas and I are throwing a little contest. Since Erin's book, Best of Three, (book 3 in her Counting on Love series, available through Samhain)  also releases on Tuesday, we've taken over the Nine Naughty Novelists' Facebook page for a little fun. 
We're calling it the Friday Fight Club and we're pitting our two heroes against each other. 
PLEASE stop by and vote for your favorite.  And if Declan is your favorite, that won't hurt my feelings AT ALL.  LOL!  
I 've gotten a sneak peek at  Best of Three, so I know Nate is absolutely wonderful as well, but if Erin's gonna publicly proclaim that her guy is best...well, I guess I am too. 
Bring it, girl. Fight Club is on!
*ahem* As I was saying...
The guys will be answering 6 different questions and you can vote for your favorite answer to EACH AND EVERY question. That gives you six chances to win. You can vote for the same hero each time if you like...which apparently some of Erin's fans have decided to do. Not that I mind, or anything.   OR you can vote for your favorite answer--you know, based on merit or something.  OR, you can even vote for BOTH guys 6 times for a total of 12 chances to win. Hell, it's fight club, it's not like there are rules! Voting continues until Noon Saturday (PST) but, you know what they say: vote early, vote often. 

What can you win?  I'm glad you asked! We'll each be giving away a copy of our new books to one lucky winner. In my case, that means the WHOLE MIDNIGHT INK COLLECTION which includes stories by Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr, Carrie Ann Ryan, Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Robin Rotham, Sidney Bristol and, of course, ME. 

Yes! You read that right! We're giving away  NINE super-hot, awesome new books just for going here:  https://www.facebook.com/the9NN and casting your votes for Declan...um, or Nate. Sure, why not?  I probably won't hold it against you...much.

LMAO! Seriously, vote for whichever guy happens to float your boat. It's fun either way.  And good luck!!

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