More Luck of the Irish

It's been a long time since I've gotten my act together and posted something for Six Sentence Sunday, but I'm on a bit of a blog roll, if you will, so here's six sentences from Iron. If you're interested in reading more, just check out the blog post below this one.

And, in keeping with this week's theme, here's six sentences in which my very Irish hero is about to get very lucky indeed. lol!

Gavin groaned. “Ah, Aislinn, no one else has ever spoken to me thus. To hear you speak of such things, ’tis like putting a spark to dry tinder; for, in truth, you set me aflame with your words.”

      Aislinn pulled him tight against her and whispered in his ear. “Then do as I ask, mo chroĆ­, and take me now. Put your rod inside me and I’ll speak such words as will make your hair ignite.”

And don't forget to stop back here between Thursday and next Saturday for the Luck of the Irish Blog Hop for fabulous stories, the chance to win some great books or even a Kindle!

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P.G. Forte
ISBN 978-1-59578-585-5 

When Aislinn Deirbhile, an immortal, shape-shifting fae, arrives on his doorstep, Gavin O'Malley knows he’s in luck. For Aislinn can give him everything he’s been missing. Now, all he has to do is find a way to keep her—without losing his immortal soul in the process.


Sandra Sookoo said...

Great 6! I actually have this book on my e-reader. I'll be moving it to the top of the read now pile :-)

Sarah Grimm said...

Wow, awesome six! I'm going to have to check this one out!


Gem Sivad said...

Okay you've already heard me rave about this book but I'll say it once more, Iron is on my all time favorite list. I have my fingers crossed for you in the 2011 EPIC Awards.

Great six from a great book!


Lucy Felthouse said...

Ooh, delish! :)

Jay Di Meo said...

Wonderful six! I want this story!

Lindsay said...

The Irish are always the lucky ones.

Lisa Fox said...

Your clovers are awesome and so is that six!

Lauri J Owen said...

Very sumptuous six!

Pip Green said...

Blazing six. :)