When is a Serial More than a Serial?

When is a multi-part serial story posted on a blog more than just another free read? When it's the Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies--that's when!

Not sure if you believe me? Well check out the awesome trailer:

Starting tomorrow--September 9th--and continuing every Thursday until January 6th, the Nine Naughty Novelists invite you to join them in beautiful, bucolic Bloodsuck, Texas for a story that some of us have described as "laugh out loud funny" "stupendously hysterical" a "steamy western paranormal category multi-part romance mashup and "the most historically accurate vampire-cowboy-werewolf-baby story ever penned."*

* Important Announcement: recent FTC guidelines regarding endorsements, testimonials, etc. may require us to make the following Critical Disclosure.  The opinions expressed in the previous paragraph may have been solicited by us and from us. However, they were based solely on the opinions of us...not that we'd ever be biased or anything.  In addition, these opinions do not, in any way, shape or form have anything whatsoever to do with our having gotten to read the free story for free. We double-dutch pinkie swear and totally cross our hearts on that!

But wait! It gets even better! The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy wants to give you a little nookie...er, we mean a little nook.

Here's how it works: Every Thursday we post a new chapter and you post new comments. Every blog comment you post (one comment per chapter), and every tweet/retweet using the #bloodsuck hashtag (tweets/retweets are unlimited, check here for details) enters you in our contest and puts you in the running to win a free nook.

Every blog comment you leave earns you 5 entries.

Every time you tweet something about ZVCSWB using the #bloodsuck hashtag you earn 2 entries.

And every time you retweet something about ZVCSWB using the #bloodsuck hashtag, you earn an additional 1 entry.

Could we have made things any more complicated and given our Contest-Mistress-slash-Entry-Aggregator even more work to do? Yes. Would we? It's possible. Don't tempt us.

So come early, come often. Welcome to Bloodsuck. Have some wine.

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kelly said...

Hahaha! Love the disclaimer! I stand by my opinion - hilarious!