Going to Be Yours by Samantha Chase

Today's special guest is Samatha Chase, author of Going to Be Yours Welcome, Samantha!

They’ve been in an intimate relationship for three years, they’ve just never met.

How is the story connected to Sapphire Falls?

Will Campbell was born and raised in Sapphire Falls and he works for Sapphire Falls Auto Care.  Serena Hughes is from Lincoln, NE, but her cousin Peyton lives in Sapphire Falls.  And it’s through that connection that Serena has been coming to the local festivals for the last three years.  She’s kissed Will at each of those festivals while he’s worked the kissing booth and she’s finally ready to formally  meet him.

More about the story:

Will Campbell has been in an interesting relationship for the last three years – with a woman he
doesn’t know!  He’s been kissed by the same mysterious woman at all of the Sapphire Falls festivals
while working at the kissing booth, but he has no idea who she is and she disappears after every steamy
kiss.  But this year?  This Halloween festival?  He vows to stop her and convince her to do more than just
kiss and run.

Serena Hughes is that mystery woman and she’s tired of this crazy game of kissing and running.  It had
started out as a dare, but now she wants more.  She wants to know who this sexy man is who kisses like
a dream and has her anxiously awaiting the next Sapphire Falls festival.  When she hears of the first-ever
Halloween festival coming to the small town, she vows that this is going to be the year where she’s
going to kiss and then stay put.  And maybe – just maybe – she’ll get a jump start on the festivities.

While Will’s planning his strategy, he never expects to run into his mystery woman while driving down
the street.  And once he sees her and confronts her, there’s only one thing he can do – kiss her.  And
keep kissing her until she promises to give them a chance beyond the next festival.

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