Going Strong, by EmKay Connor

Welcome EmKay Connor, today's featured author!

Ember Jones-Roseman needs a reminder that life is about the journey, not the destination, and Ford Slater is the perfect man for the job.

Ford Slater, six-time national BBQ cook off champ and Montana cattle rancher, might be the perfect blend of down home sex appeal "Good Grub" needs to become the next nationally syndicated cooking show. But not if TV producer Ember Jones-Roseman fails to get the laid-back cowboy across the country to Atlanta in time to audition. Ford has a fondness for back roads and the slow lane that might run Ember's career straight into the ditch, although his lazy smile and whiskey-smooth voice are enough to tempt her to take a detour off her fast-track to success.

Ford promises Ember they can hit the highway, but only if she agrees to spend one night in Nowhereville U.S.A. Will the small-town magic of Sapphire Falls be enough for an easygoing, sweet-talking cowboy to convince an OCD, Type-A overachiever that life is meant to be savored, not conquered?

Book 1 in The Natural Love Series, featuring sisters Ember, Sierra, Brooke and Windy.

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