Going for Brook, by Kinsey Holley

Today I'd like to welcome Kinsey Holley, my partner in crime! Aiken the hero of her story, Going for Brook plays an integral part in my book, Going Back to Find You. And my hero, Jason, does Aiken a couple of favors in return in Kinsey's book, Going For Brook. There's also a cat that we share. lol! Jaiken is the best bromance ever, yo!

He can’t live with her, he can’t leave without her.

Brook’s parents passed away four years ago. They were happy in Sapphire Falls, but because they, and Brook, were…different, they didn’t let her spend as much time with kids her age as she wanted. Grown-up Brook is enjoying the friendships she’s formed with Hope Bennett, Peyton Wells, Delaney Bennett, and others. She loves Sapphire Falls and doesn’t want to leave.

Aiken Kavanagh came to Sapphire Falls from Silicon Valley right before the car wreck that claimed Brook’s parents’ lives. Charlie Lyall was one of Aiken’s closest friends. They went back a long way—a very, very long way. Aiken promised Charlie he’d stick around Sapphire Falls until Brook was ready to leave.

Because she has to leave. She’s only got a few more years before people start asking questions she can’t answer.

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