Going for Wilder by Trish Edmisten

Welcome to Trish Edmisten, today's featured author.

It’s been ten years since Jackson walked away from the only woman he ever loved. Maybe it’s time he did something about that.

Some things are just meant to be. Jillian Somers falling in love with Jackson Wilder was one of those things. Everything changed when Jackson’s mother died. They drifted apart until the distance between them became impossible to overcome. 

In the ten years since they’ve spoken, Jillian has done everything she can to forget about Jackson and move on with her life. She’s even tried dating other men, but it’s never seemed to work out. When her ex comes to town, it’s clear he’s there for more than just the festival. Now Jillian has to decide if she’s going to give Garrett another chance or if she’s going for the one man she’s always wanted.

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