I want a new drug...

Okay, let's talk about that title...

What I probably should have called this post is I have a new drug because, as I just realized today, I've developed a serious addiction problem.

How serious is it? Well, even though I got my last 'fix' only a couple of days ago, I'm jonesing again. The substance in question has even edged out coffee as my drug of choice--and, believe me, that's bad!

So what's this monkey-on-my-back called? Phenomenal Book Reviews. And it's given me some of the best highs ever!

Now, I realize that doesn't seem like it would be much of a difficulty, but lately I've noticed that when I'm having trouble writing I spend a lot of time checking my email and searching through Google, hoping to distract myself with new reviews. It's a problem that just won't go away. In fact, I do believe it's getting worse all the time.

I've gotten so many brilliant reviews in the past couple of years that anyone would be excused for thinking I should be satisfied, but it seems I'm insatiable. I want more. More. MORE! And I know it will never be enough.

With that attitude, however, anyone would also be excused for thinking me ungrateful--not so! As a matter of fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm immensely grateful for all the reviews I've received.

Readers are what make this whole writing gig worthwhile, after all. And those who offer feedback--who write letters and emails, who leave blog comments, who chat about books online, even those who rate books at places like Fictionwise--are performing a valuable service. It's nice to be appreciated. It's nice to know you've made a difference or had an impact or accomplished a little of what you set out to do.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to extend a great big, public, THANK YOU to all the reviewers who've taken the time to read one (or more!) of my books and report back on it. YOU ROCK!

Now here's a quote from the latest review I received. This review of Scent of the Roses, was written by Michelle Ellis for Wild Child Publishing (where you can read the review in its entirety).

"When Scout was hypnotised, I was gripped! These scenes moved along swiftly, and I found I couldn't stop reading once I started. I was fascinated by the intricate way P.G Forte weaved the regression and journey through the subconscious. I found my heart hammering once things from the past started to become clearer, and I wished my eyes could have gone from side to side just a little more quickly!"

Michelle also had this to say--and this really warmed my writer's heart:

"Okay, so I didn't expect to be crying when I finished this book! I just don't do crying when reading books anymore! Well, I like to think that a book won't make me cry with regards to romance. I get a little tearful at other things in books these days, so to get choked up regarding love and the mushy stuff just isn't me. That all changed when I reached the end of this story."

Thank you, Michelle! That scene between Scout and Nick remains one of my favorites to this day, so it's nice to know you were moved by it.

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