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And, now, here's a short excerpt from Waiting for the Big One. It's one of very few excerpts that I plan on posting anywhere, seeing as the book itself is so very short!

In this scene, set in Los Angeles, our h/h are enjoying a healthy, al Fresco lunch...

We walked down to the corner. There's a sidewalk cafe there that's always being mentioned in the Trades, but it’s never crowded on Sundays. I ordered a veggie wrap and a tapioca tea. Derek had a soy burger, a side of yam sticks and some insanely healthy organic juice drink, Kombucha and carrot juice, I think.

We started out talking about our movie, then the conversation wandered off track, like it always seemed to do. Next thing I knew we were back to discussing friendship and sex.

"Come on, Derek, everybody knows it," I found myself saying once more. Frankly, it was a position I was getting tired of having to defend. "As soon as you add sex, friendship goes right out the window."

Derek shook his head. "Everybody? Who’s that?"

"It’s like in When Harry met Sally," I told him, but of course he disagreed.

"Gabe, I keep telling you. You’re missing the whole point of that film. Billy Crystal was wrong. She was right, he was wrong. You’re a feminist, you should love that."

I pushed aside my plate and picked up my tea. "What about you? How many women friends do you have that you haven’t slept with?"

"Besides you? None."

Which was just what I thought he’d say. "There you go. And if you and I had sex we would no longer be friends, either." It sucked, but that’s the way it was. Derek sighed. "There’s something wrong with that logic. One of these days I’m going to figure out a way to prove it to you."

"Go right ahead," I told him, feeling somewhat pouty. There was only one way for either of us to prove our position, and that was to try it and see. That was so not gonna happen. Scorpios make great friends and horrible enemies. They hold everyone they know to the same impossible standards they hold for themselves. Derek and Bobby used to be real close, but as soon as Derek found out he’d been cheating on me, he cut Bobby loose.

I did not want to be cut loose too.

They’ll tell you Pisces are chameleons, wishy-washy, overly amenable. But you have to have a pretty sturdy backbone to live your whole life like...well, like a fish out of water. I can be as determined as a Taurus when I have to be.

"What now?" I snapped, suddenly aware of the way Derek was watching me. It was...weird.

He shook his head. "That drink of yours. I’m surprised they haven’t had to shut this place down yet."

I popped the straw out of my mouth. "What are you talking about? What’s wrong with my drink?"

That sexy half-smile was back as he said, "Wrong? Not a thing. It’s the way you’re toying with it. It’s obscene."

Toying? "Oh."

Now, for a Scorpio, obscene is always a good thing. Of course, for a Scorpio, butterflies can be obscene. They taste with their feet, you know. Butterflies, that is. But don’t let me get started on feet...

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