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You know, setting this post up for this event put me in mind of setting up refreshment stations along the route of a marathon or walkathon or...well, you know, some kind of thon. So I thought this might be a good place to give you a chance to cool down.  Kind of like this...

well...okay, maybe that won't do it. How about...

or this...

Okay, never mind. Obviously, this was a bad idea. Why don't I just tell you a little about what inspired my own flash today instead?

This story has been rattling around in my brain for longer than I probably should admit. It goes all the way back to a poem I wrote in high school. Yeah. That long ago. About a dozen years later, it resurfaced as part of a short story. My husband and I were traveling regularly to the Caribbean at that point, and I wrote a lot of stories set there.

Today, I've deconstructed it into a piece of flash. Who knows what it will turn into next?

I've actually taken a look at quite a few of those old stories lately, with an eye to doing something with them, inspired in part by the island retreat my husband and I have recently acquired.

I know...it's hard to see and it doesn't look like much (although the iguanas seem to like it) but it's 300 ft. from the crystalline waters of the Caribbean (just past the Yoga Studio--I kid you not!) on a teeny little island (only about 1 mile by 4 miles) with no cars and really good local beer.

And did I mention they have internet? Oh, yeah, I'm in heaven. So...look for more stories with island themes from me in the future. And, in the meantime, have fun on the rest of the tour.

Next stop: Jolie Cain http://joliecainauthor.blogspot.com/ And the boys and I wish you a very cool yule!

Happy Holidays!
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Jeanne said...

Let us hope I did this correctly ;~D
MATING RITUAL #7 by Jeanne Barrack
"God, Barry, enough. Did you bring lube? I told you I wanted you to fuck me, so do it before someone finds us."
Khat reluctantly let Mark's prick slip from his lips, wondering if he had been hasty in his choice of a lover. He had met Mark at a gay bar his second week out in his human form. The attraction had been instaneous and intense. He had told him his name was "Barry", a version of his real name. If Mark proved to be his chosen one, he would share everything with him, including his real name and nature. If not...
Mark grabbed his hair, forcing him to look up at him.
"Get up and fuck me. Hurry."

Roscoe James said...

Morning PG. Hey Jeanne. I think we've run into each other before on this tour.

So, PG... I'm likin' your place. Specially after two hot buttered rums, a whisky, and a shot of tequila. What ya... white wine. Great.

I started out taking a walking tour before my flash. It's kind of turned into a stumbling tour... another wine? sure.

author said...

I'm following Roscoe just to make sure he makes it back home safe... I've kidnapped his keys. :)

Christmas at the Manporium - 6

Forcibly jerking her thoughts from that pathway, she double checked her list. Only the family left. Joy was easy - all she ever wanted was vidstreams. Mom was similarly easy, only book cards were her addiction. Dad, though. Hmm. Maybe some new kitchen gadget. He had everything, though, so that might take some work. She'd have to think about that some more.

Oh. But thinking of Dad reminded her. Shunting her shopping list to the right side of the screen, she pulled up the recipe she'd dug up. A promise was a promise, after all. If Dad wanted to make gingerbread men, she wasn't going to argue. But she was going to have to do some shopping.

Noelle skimmed the recipe, trying to remember what her dad kept stocked. Well, she was pretty sure he had flour. And she was mostly sure he had pepper. Oh, but the recipe called for peppercorns, and she didn't know if he had the whole kind. Better to put it on the list.

PG Forte said...

Morning Jeanne, RJ, Emily. Sorry to be so behind. The cabana boys were late with my coffee this morning. But I've got my whip in hand...WiP, I mean WiP and I'll be with you shortly.

Good job with the keys, Em. RJ? Another mimosa?

Viv Arend said...

Nice to know someone's taking care of Roscoe! I heard him talking a bout singing 'acapella' and he was trying to take his clothes off.


Alanna Coca said...

Cabin Fever by Alanna Coca Chapter Seven
She was alive. The familiar rush of a looming orgasm proved it to her. If this angel had come to take her to heaven, she wanted to take him with her. She was no longer cold. In fact, her body hummed with the heat of a radiator. She rode him slowly, enjoying the fact that due to his position crosslegged on the floor, he wasn’t able to do much other than touch her everywhere. His mouth was busy, that warm tongue petting hers. He was so thick, he stretched her opening each time she ground down on him. Yes. She was certainly alive, but the man beneath her had to be supernatural. No one felt this good. This warm, this perfectly matched to her. Two strong hands covered her breasts, rolling her nipples against his palms, and she could no longer form a coherent thought.

Jolie Cain said...

Early Christmas Present #7-Jolie CAin

His eyes narrowed on her breast, but she saw him shake his head and frown as he realized what she was saying. She feared that his loyalty to her brother was going to stop him from taking what she was offering him. She was desperately afraid he was going to reject her. She'd loved him for so long, but she couldn't seem to get him to see the real her. This had to work. It just had to. She had to do something fast, or she would lose him. And she doubted she would ever get the courage to try again.

PG Forte said...

Taking his clothes off? He must be looking for the sauna.

Rapture - #7

Back at the hotel, Martin managed to get her alone for a moment. “Meet me at the beach,” he pleaded. “Please, Merita, you don't want to be responsible for my death do you?”

She looked startled—just as he'd intended. He pressed his advantage.

“I just want to go for a swim. All you have to do is sit on the beach and watch, maybe call for help if I get into trouble. I'll be waiting.”

This is my dream, Martin thought, a few minutes later, as he lay on his back in the sand, sipping from a bottle of rum and watching as the stars swirled loudly overhead. This is my dream coming true.

Juniper Bell said...

The Invitation - #7 - Juniper Bell

“What eez it you want?” Nerves intensified her usually light accent. Kent admired the way she stood, unconcerned with her sudden exposure. She’d probably been used to it in past days, but now she was a high-ranking member of the Circle, the one who issued commands.
Well, not to him. “I want my money back.”
“Zat is not possible.”
“I figured. That’s all right. I have a backup plan. I want you.”
“I already told you, you’re invited.” God, she was magnificent, her nipples stiffening in the warm breeze. His cock hardened to the point that Nicolette almost withdrew her hand. But she didn’t, because she hadn’t yet been ordered to.

Juniper Bell said...

PG, love the pix of your place! And they have Internet? Total heaven.

Viv Arend said...

Six Pack Ranch, Book 2

He swayed with her, every inch in contact. Her cheek rested on his collar, letting his fragrance fill her head. Why was it that the smell of the man turned her on so much?

His heartbeat—she felt it against her chest. He adjusted them, somehow bringing her closer until they were intimately lined up, his erection now nudging her belly. “I still need to hear what you want, Beth. If it’s a dance, I’m happy. If more…say the word.”

Oh God, he shifted his hands down her back, caressing, teasing. She sucked in air like it was courage. “I want something. I don’t know what to tell you.”

PG Forte said...

Thanks, Juniper. I was thinking of you when I posted them.

But you knew that, right? ;)

Roscoe James said...

Oh yeah, PG. You're at just the right spot on the tour. Things are starting to get really hot in here. You don't mind if I get, er, ah, comfortable while I flash do you?

Roscoe James said...

Now let me see what I have for your blog... oh, a nice little flash.

Roscoe James said...

Sorry about that. I made Eve into an Even at the last stop. That's what live flash can do to you.

Oh well. I guess you got the gist.

Let me get my next flash up.

Juniper Bell said...

Aw, PG, I'm touched! And jealous. I'll take some of the local beer, thank you very much.

Roscoe James said...

Touching Eve

“The boxers. I think you’re over dressed.”

She wanted to know his name but not knowing had its appeal as well. Eve watched the man look over his shoulder at Shirley’s boy toy as she fell into the couch and took a drink of the man’s wine. This was the test of fire. This was when she would discover if he really wanted to please her.

Shirley walked over and sat beside her on the couch. Her arm came up and she pulled Eve close.

“You,” she said looking at the young man holding his belt in his hand, “can come kneel at my feet. Give the belt to Eve. She may need it shortly.”

Eve accepted another kiss on her cheek from Shirley and smiled. She watched Boy Toy settle at Shirley’s feet. Everyone was in place. Now to get on with it.

“I said remove your boxers. Is that command too complex to comprehend?”

She no longer saw a man. Eve saw a caged animal standing with his thumbs hooked into the elastic of his Snoopy boxers. This was a man not accustomed to taking orders. But, then, few were. But he’d started this charade. The question was, will he finish it.

Roscoe James said...

This is a key party? I didn't know. Okay, who has the keys to my car? Oh, and who drives a beetle with a fuzzy ball on the key chain?

Now that we have the keys, whatz next?


Roscoe James said...

And wait, what's this wad of silk on the floor... red, lacy... okay, who did these used to belong to... mine now.


PG Forte said...

Strange messages you say? What's that?

Gem Sivad said...

Still reading the threads. I'll need to roll in the snow soon. Ready to catch fire from all the hot stories.


Juniper Bell said...

Flash Race #7

"Don't worry, little one. You don't need clothes any more."

Fearfully, she glanced around at the now-silent party scene. Naked in front of a crowd of strangers -- that was pretty much her worst nightmare. But no one seemed to notice. The slow-dancing couple had switched to what looked like salsa. The buffet table was still jammed with people sampling the mini-hot-dogs and devilled eggs. The jug of home-brew was still being passed around. And no one seemed to notice that she was naked in the arms of the most beautiful man ever witnessed ... and that his hands were now stroking her breasts.

Christa Paige said...

Reunion Part 7
Every cell in her body responded to Eric’s kiss. Heat rushed through her veins and a throbbing tension coiled low in her belly. She rubbed against him, trying to get closer. All thought of their being in a public place dissipated. The urgency turned into a deep ache; it clamored in depths of her pussy. Her body demanded more of Eric and when he deepened their kiss her sanity went out the proverbial window.

Eric paused, cupping her chin between his calloused fingers. “Don’t you want to know what I brought for you?” he asked.

Yes, no, all I want is you, naked and inside me…Kaitlin thought privately. “Okay,” she managed to reply with only a tiny stammer.

Roscoe James said...

Drinks at Darcie’s Place

They chatted a while. Lilly fidgeted and couldn’t get the picture of Rob laying cable out of her head. When he said they should find a quieter place to talk she didn’t think a thing about it.

“See,” he said guiding her onto the balcony by her elbow. “You did exactly as I said.”

“No I didn’t.”

“But of course you did. I said let’s go someplace quiet, and you came with me.”

“Oh. Right.” She laughed. Nervously and wrapped her arms around her chest against the cold.

PG Forte said...

flash race # 7 (at least I remember my own number)

Why is he doing this? Monica glared at Davis suspiciously. Blood thrummed through her veins. Her body throbbed with heat. Does he know? No, impossible.

"I just thought...I don't know what I thought," he answered, laughing ruefully. He gazed at her, eyes hard, hungry, intent.

She growled softly. "Don't think at all."

"Damn straight," he sighed as he gathered her back into his embrace. His arms banded tightly around her. He bent his head to hers and took her mouth in a kiss that was so unexpectedly savage and rough. So unexpectedly perfect.

Jeanne said...

Wow! Reading ten flashes all on one day is bound to give you hot flashes!

Beth said...

Somebody tell Emily that her flash here is almost a duplicate of the last one.