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PG Forte and Juniper Bell chat with us in the Realms of Love Chat Castle Monday December 7 at 9 PM EST. Join us and find out about these Samhain author's upcoming releases. You just may get a give-away download of one of their books!

How does a romance writer live with no running water? How does a romance writer get her husband to research vampire romance? We ask the tough questions at Realms of Love and we demand ANSWERS!

In the Dark by PG Forte In the Dark (the first book in the paranormal series, Children of Night)
PG Forte
Available December 8, 2009 at Samhain Publishing

In the Dark is her debut into the world of the nightwalkers.

When you live forever, you’re bound to make a few mistakes.

1969 San Francisco. World-weary Conrad Quintano should have known better than to fall in love with a human... much less Suzanne Fischer, the barely legal, adventure-seeking hippie beauty known as Desert Rose. And the very last thing he should have agreed to do was to raise her babies and protect them with his life. But even twelve-hundred-year-old master vampires can find it hard to reject a deathbed request—especially when issues of love, guilt and blood are involved.

Present day. Raised in virtual isolation, twins Marc and Julie Fischer have always known they were vampires. But they never knew their parentage... or their unique status in the vampire world... until their "uncle" Damian comes to fetch them home. The family reunion, however, isn’t what they expect. They’re thrust into a world for which they’re totally unprepared. And the father they expected to be reunited with, Conrad, is missing.

How to find him... and whom to trust? Solving the mystery of betrayal and vampire family values will prove the Beatles had it right. All you need is love...and an occasional side of blood.

Warning: While reading this book you may experience any of the following, an increased desire to wear flowers in your hair, dress in tie-dye or nap during the day. Other symptoms may include an intolerance to sunlight, an aversion to garlic flavored tofu and a pronounced urge to bake...or get baked.

PG Forte writes stories where anything can happen and anyone can fall in love.

When she’s not pestering her husband to help her research scenes for upcoming books, or being entertained by her vastly amusing children, she can usually be found serving the needs and whims of her characters...and her cats.

It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it.

Doll  by Juniper Bell Doll
Juniper Bell
Coming December 15, 2009 from Samhain Publishing

Even a plaything can be pushed too far


Chloe Barnes thought her marriage to a wealthy politician would be the stuff of fairy tales. Instead, he took advantage of her naiveté and used her as a plaything to fulfill his twisted sexual needs. Ten years is enough. She returns to Bellhaven Island to sell the summer cottage she inherited, hoping the money will buy her freedom—and custody of her daughters.


Fisherman Dustin McDougal never forgot the childhood crush he once had on the fairy-like Chloe. The woman she’s become has a haunted look that brings his feelings back, stronger than ever...with a mature edge. Along with all his protective instincts.

Sexual healing.

Their passion blows stronger than a Maine nor’easter, awakening Chloe to the joy of true love. Yet it may not be strong enough to free her from the past...

Warning: This title contains politicians doing all sorts of nasty things and flashbacks of male domination. It also features hot sex on a boat, hot sex in an attic, hot sex on a work bench...you get the idea.

Juniper Bell lives with her dream man in a cabin in Alaska with no running water and a spectacular view of glaciers (no, she’s not making that up). She wound up in the frozen north after leaving her career as a stressed-out Los Angeles TV writer. Luckily, her love for writing survived the move, and she soon found out that nothing heats up those long winter nights like an imagination and a computer! Her first erotic romance was published in August 2009, and two more are coming soon from Samhain Publishing. She loves the Samhain motto, "It’s all about the story." Her stories are about those unexpected turning points in life when you transcend your limits and become someone braver, wilder, more sensual, more free, more adventurous, more... whatever you desire!
Please visit her website at www.juniperbell.com. You can also find her on Facebook.

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