Waiting for the big ...kiss?

We're talking about first kisses today over at the Nine Naughty Novelists, and I have an excerpt posted there. But I can never stop at one...especially when the subject is excerpts...or kisses.

So I'm offering a couple more, including an unedited look at my new novella, Edge of Heaven. Edge and Mattie's first kiss can be found at The Midnight Bell

And, right here, is Derek and Gabby's long-awaited first kiss from Waiting for the Big One

Pisces are nothing if not compassionate. Abandoned puppies, orphaned children, wounded men; we want to save them all. Derek was looking very wounded, and it made me forget all about being nervous.

“I’m with you now, aren’t I?” I asked. I closed the distance between us and framed his face with my hands, intending to reassure him with a simple kiss. But he pre-empted my kiss with one of his own, sweeping me into a tight embrace, molding me to him, slanting his mouth over mine. I opened my mouth on a sigh and his tongue swept in. There it was again. A rush of heat. A feeling of home. The been-here-done-this, déjà vu feeling that only being with a soul mate can give you.

A man’s kiss is his signature. Mae West said that. Pretty insightful for a Leo. I felt like my soul had known Derek’s kisses in a dozen different lifetimes. If we’d done this months ago, it might have saved us both a lot of waiting.

I could have gone on kissing him all night, but too soon, he was pulling away. We took turns taking off each other’s clothes; slowly, deliberately, breaking eye contact only when the need to see or to taste what we were uncovering became too overwhelming to ignore. I was right about the tan. I was right about a lot of things.

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