Wacky Wedding Stories

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We're blogging today about wedding/anniversary stories. We've got music, pictures, videos...okay, only one of each of those. But still, who knew there could be so much drama? I missed out on so much by eloping. lol!

Stop by and add a story/comment...or links to your own wedding pics, videos, etc.! One lucky commenter will win a copy of Meg Benjamin’s Wedding Bell Blues.

And, just because I love embedding things into blogs--I'm sure it's a huge psychological issue, but let's not get into that. Here's Frank Sinatra singing My Way. 

Why, My Way, you ask? What does this have to do with weddings? Well, aside from the fact that I grew up in Northern New Jersey (AKA Francis Albert land) it so happens this was the song I sang (as part of a drunken duet, if you must know) at the party we had in lieu of a wedding/reception. I  really wasn't kidding about the elopement. My singing partner was not my husband--he doesn't drink...doesn't really sing either. Although, that probably wouldn't have mattered) so much in this case! Anyway...I sang it (while seated on top of a picnic table--really gotta love them) with the boy next door. Technically, the boy across the street.  Whatever.  It was epic. It's such a shame most of the guests were gone by that point...

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