New Website and Updates

There are times when I think I should be known as the Queen of Excess, rather than Angst.

I can't have one blog, I have to have three. And I can't have one website, either. But, hey, at least I only have one pen name...I do have some limits, after all!

But let's get back to the websites, for a minute. My original website www.oberoncalifornia.us is geared to a particular series of books. And, at the time I came up with the idea for it, I wasn't looking any further ahead than that. It's a really nice website, if I do say so myself. And the reason I can say that is because I can take almost no credit for it. *grin* Most of what you'll see there is the fruit of my webmistress' labor--not mine.

When the website first went online I had grandiose plans of updating the links on my Activities page on a monthly basis. That hasn't happened. Until now. I finally figured out enough HTML code to do a basic cut and paste, so now I can change links to my heart's content without adding any extra work for my webmistress...until I mess up, that is, and accidentally erase the entire page. LOL! Let's hope not, anyway.

So, if you have a mind to, please check out my newly updated Activities Page . And check back often, because I plan on changing the links every six weeks or so.

Or, if you'd like to be kept informed of any updates, you could join my newsletter group.

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Click to join The_Oberon_Chronicle

But I believe I mentioned a second website, didn't I?

Website number two--brainchild of the same awesome webmistress--is the result of my having branched out into a new writing direction.

New direction, new website, same old name. Go figure.

What can I say? Growing up with a name like Patricia, with all its many variations, the whole multiple name thing gets old fast. Unless you're a Gemini, I suppose. Or maybe a Scorpio.

Neither of which I am. Hell, I only have one planet in Scorpio and none at all in Gemini.

Distractable tonight, aren't I?

Anyway...check out the new website, too, if you'd like. It can be found at www.pgforte.com. I've got excerpts posted for two of my new books and short blurbs posted for three others. Okay, okay, so four out of five are Works In Progress, but take a look and tell me what you think of my new direction.

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